Game of Thrones. Have you read the books, seen the show? I haven’t. Not really my thing. My little brother talks about it all the time though. He is trying to convince me to watch it. Since I am no longer a slave to my couch and forced to watch really bad television at two in the morning I am sort of resisting. So, I asked him to give me an overview on the show and I would then consider watching it. Here is what I gathered from our conversation. It is about 7 royal families who have artfully designed crests and who are all vying to rule  some land somewhere. Basically they run around killing each other. Lots and lots of killing. And some sort of ice wall? From what I understand in every episode like a hundred people die in battles. Like I said, not really my thing. Now, when I relate it to Crohn’s though it kind of fits into my life. You see I have spent the last several years killing off a different kind of throne. The porcelain kind. I don’t have a family crest or anything. If I did though I suppose it would look a little like the image below.

  1. A Guy With Crohn's Reply

    I read this and all I keep thinking is…you don’t watch Game of Thrones??? I love your description of it…it is a lot of killing with some sort of ice wall. So true. I have to say the books are sooooo much better.

    • Ryan Reply

      Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I’ve really never seen the show or read the books. Unfortunately Prednisone ruined a lot of shows for me. Doesn’t help that you can usually figure out who the bad guy is within the first 5 minutes. Hope all is well with you. Would love to have you as a guest blogger if you are available. Also, haven’t seen an update on your LDN lately. Hope it is still going well.

      • A Guy With Crohn's Reply

        Sorry about the LDN, this National Blog month thing is taking a lot out of me. I do see the dr. on Monday so I will probably do an update. Overall, I am well.
        As for Game of Thrones, I am almost done with the books, and I have to say, I have a whole new perspective on the series. For once, the series actually revolve around the “bad guy” or…..are they really the bad ones :)
        I would love to do a guest post…but right now things are really hectic. If you want, email me the details and we can work them out.

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